Bio: I’ve spent more than 20 years as a trainer, mentor, and team-leader in a wide variety of industries—entertainment, marketing and public relations, for-profit, non-profit, as an employee and as a consultant. While my bringing order, organization, and efficient data flow to these organizations, my heart is always drawn to the individual and their needs, desires, and dreams. I’ve traveled my own path of healing, spiritual development, and personal growth—first in my own life then developing and teaching workshops and presentations, sharing the things I’ve learned along the way—tools and techniques to shift your perspective, develop new habits and connections, clarify your goals and desires to consciously create a life filled with love, happiness, and personal satisfaction. I am now coaching women individually and in small groups as we work together to transform areas of their lives and bring more of what they truly want into their experience—and having fun along the way. It is my honor and great pleasure to see clients move from doubt and uncertainty to clarity and confidence, and to be a part of their process. If you are ready to make the changes and transform your life, I am here for you. Contact me for more information about coaching and to receive a complimentary worksheet to help clarify your current self-judgments and potential blocks.

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